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Hello Everyone!

If you follow us on Instagram you might remember I went through some recent workwear purchases on our story (blogbeauties).  I thought I’d put together this blog post so you could see the items properly and include links etc in case you wanted to purchase any of them for yourself.

I recently got a new job which requires me to dress a bit more professional then I’ve had to in about three years. As far as I know, I’ve to wear pretty much all black, not that I’m complaining, I love wearing all black anyway! At the moment I can wear anything to work; jeans, runners, leather trousers, jumpers, so as you can imagine I went into a bit of a panic mode and just started shopping!

I don’t actually start for another two weeks so, for now, I’ve focused on chic/professional staples. Once I get into the office and see the style (which I know there will be so so much of!) I’ll get a better feel for what I can wear and hopefully bring my personality into my clothes a bit more.

Let’s run through what I got.

First stop Zara


Black blouse with a fur collar. This is pretty self-explanatory and will go with the skirt or trousers I mention further down.


Mid-length dress with ruffled sleeves. Apart from wearing it as it is, I might also style this with a polloneck underneath and sock style boots for a less corporate look. A dress like this will be ideal if I have events to work at or more ‘dressy up’ days!


While I save up for my Saint Laurent College bag (which will take about two-three years) I fell in love with this cutie from Zara. I’ve already worn it without the log strap but might try it as a cross body for a more casual look.


These shoes I have to admit are so uncomfortable. I think I’m a 5.5 in shoes and zara, as far as I know, don’t do half sizes. I’ll try stretch these out with the wet newspaper trick and if that doesn’t work I’ll have to look at plan B. I liked the thick heel and the height works well, it’s just the pointy toes. Not ideal.


Next stop M&S

I love this skirt so much! It’s midi leather look pleated skirt. Although it might not be suitable after winter I know I’ll get my money worth with this.


These trousers are cropped wide leg, ankle grazer which I know won’t be everyone’s taste. Skinny trousers don’t really suit my leg shape and I lived in culottes in the spring/summer so I thought I’d give these a go. They’ll go great with my leather brogues from two years ago which still look brand new, and I might even style them with a cropped jumper like the image above.

Another shirt again self-explanatory!

And finally Warehouse

Another pleated and another midi length dress. I think everyone is starting to see a pattern here! Again this dress is easy to style, it gives a very ‘together look’ and doesn’t require any additional effort. Maybe with an added necklace or statement earrings.

Slightly more Casual Look

Although I just said I need to dress more professional I have the sneakiest suspicion that there might be a more casual dress code on Fridays, which honestly panics me more than the usual Monday – Thursday!

Here’s what I’ve picked up;

Topshop leather ‘western’ boots. I plan on styling these with probably jeans, the wide leg trousers or the midi skirt above and a neat knit jumper or polloneck.

And here’s the neat knit jumper – a cream lace detail turtle neck from M&S. I already have a grey and a black knit so they too have been moved to the work side of my wardrobe.

Well, that’s all I have so far! If you’re interested in seeing how I get on in my first few weeks then make sure to follow us on instagram @blogbeauties. I’m not sure how much more I’ll purchase this side of Christmas but you never know!

Chat soon

Doireann xx


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