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Hello Everyone!

We don’t really know what this post is going to end up being like but the idea came after reading Retro Flames post ‘Why I don’t compare myself to other bloggers’. We’ll post the link to that blog at the end!

We probably don’t compare ourselves to other bloggers so much in terms of following but more so for their style and maybe for me in particular good photography.

We thought we would jot down some reasons ‘why you should follow us’ or reasons why maybe, we stand out from other bloggers.

1.We don’t bullsh!t

By this we mean yes our instagram is colour themed and we think about what we post carefully before we post it but we don’t post something just because. We’re honest. We don’t show you the latest concealer because we got it in a bag at some event and it just so happens to be pink & black (yay!). Instead, we show you the concealer because we went to boots and bought it and we tried it and we liked it and oh cool it’s pink & black (perfect!)

2. We have NEVER bought followers

You might be shocked to hear that yes bloggers have bought fake followers to make themselves look more reputable online (GASP!) But rest assured we have never paid for followers and all 10 of you are organic and all ours! Haha seriously though it’s about quality and not quantity, which brings me to our next point.

3. Quality of our content we think is a 7/10

Ok we’re not perfect, nobody is but we would like to think that our content is considered to be good quality. We work hard on our photography, thinking of new and different topics to write about, creating videos (which we will be doing more of this year) and just writing about things that interest us. We might not be doing outfit shots every other weekend but there’s always room to improve.

4. We are not in this for the fame and fortune

This one is probably obvious as you know we both have full-time jobs but blogging to us is a hobby. Seriously. We both wanted a creative outlet and here it is. We’re both creative and artsy people and we needed a medium in which we could create something. Oil paints are just too messy.. have you ever tried get that stuff off your clothes!! We digress. There are no sponsored posts on our blogs, no #ads or #spon where all of a sudden out of nowhere we are promoting the ‘newest and best toilet cleaner’. Everything we post is because we 100% wanted to. Yes sometimes we get sent items in the post or we receive goodie bags at events but we won’t write or post about anything unless we’ve tried and tested it first. If you could see the amount we’ve been sent this month V the amount we’ve purchased you would understand better. Hmmm … maybe we should do a post on that!

5. Only every 20th photo is a selfie

This is a reason in itself to follow us!

6. We’re here to have fun

Going back to comparing ourselves to other bloggers. We don’t. When we started this blog we never thought we would be invited to events. We never thought we would have a whole new group of people to call friends. We just wanted somewhere to unleash our creative side. Our posts on social media are a little tongue and cheek, we don’t like to take things too seriously and we just want to have fun and be ourselves. Once this becomes a competition, we’re out.

We hope you enjoyed this chatty post. Sometimes we need a little reminder as to why we started this blog. Jotting these down has actually given us a little bit of a boost!

You can read Retro Flame’s post here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Doireann & Amanda xx


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