Where to eat – Table for one please!

Hello Everyone!

Something I’ve noticed since starting my photography course is that it can be hard to find somewhere suitable to go for a bite to eat when you’re dining alone. My course starts at 7pm on Aungier St. so I usually have about an hour to grab something substantial (but healthy) to eat before heading to a two hour class.

So far I’ve been sticking to the South William St., Dame district and Baggot St. area. What I tend to look out for is somewhere that;

  • Is busy enough that you aren’t on your own, but not too busy that you feel like you’re taking up a valuable table for two.
  • Is good value for money. It’s not exactly a treat, I just want to be fed something tasty for €10-€15.
  • Is quick enough to order, eat and pay within an hour.
  • Has healthy options… *must stay away from Burger King!
  • The staff aren’t on top of you and kind of just leave you be. No I am not your monthly mystery shopper!

Here are my favourite places to go (so far) for a table for one:

Zakura –  Japanese Restaurant – Baggot St.

My manager introduced me to Zakura and I am so delighted she did. It’s one of those places that looks so small from the outside that you would literally walk straight by it. The staff are lovely they just smile at you all the time! Zakura is where I first discovered Ramen (a meat and noodle broth) . Let me also just put it out there; Do not go to Wagamamas for Ramen. Compared to Zakura it is like eating airplane food V your Mam’s home cooked dinner. Just don’t do it.

On three occasions I’ve ordered the Chicken Ramen (€12.95), but there’s plenty to choose from including sushi, wok dishes etc. See their menu here.


Taste Cafe – South William St.

Taste Cafe might be seen as more of a lunchtime spot but actually it has an upstairs area which is very nicely decorated with great views over South William St. I happily sit beside the window people watching and enjoying their goats cheese or falafel salad (each €12).  Both salads have sweet potato in them which makes it that little bit more substantial and even more delicious!


Umi Falafel – Dame St.

Umi for me, is the best falafel in Dublin. The main reason I go here is because their falafel is freshly made everyday and cooked to order. There’s nothing worse then hard dry falafel that’s been sitting out all day. I usually make my own wrap with hummus, fresh cucumber, aubergine and lettuce with chilli and tahini sauce. The wraps or pockets are only €6 or you can add wedges and a drink for €8. Their seating is relaxed, clean but with no fuss. Falafel is a great quick meal if you want to feel like you are eating something bold but in reality it’s actually healthy!

KC Peaches

Yes it’s true if I didn’t mention KC Peaches I wouldn’t be doing a very good job! For anyone who doesn’t know, I look after marketing for KC Peaches Cafe and catering but honestly I’m not being biased, it is a great place to eat! With four city centre cafes there’s always one close by to where ever you are in town really. Open until 8pm midweek the cafe serves a range of salads and hot items from the buffet, all of which are wholefood. Wholefood means everything is cooked from natural ingredients with no preservatives, colourings, additives etc. The best way to describe KCP food is like your mams home cooked meal but 100 times tastier. We cater for vegans, vegetarians and coeliac. You can mix and match what you want from the hot and cold counter in a small medium or large plate ranging from  €5.50 – €9.50. For anyone who follows me on snapchat (doireann88) you’ll see me constantly eating broccoli or Kale salad and usually garlic cubed potatoes and some sort of lasagne or pie.

What’s great about KCP when dining alone is the cafe on Dame St. has amazing views of Dublin to keep you entertained, there’s free WiFi and of course a cheesy playlist on which you can’t help but love and bop to!

This is actually a photo of our 4th July menu items… Mmm mac n cheese! 

So that’s all from me. I’m sure as I continue to dine alone I’ll find new places to share with you!!

Until then! 

Doireann xx 


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