My Top Tips for Relaxation

Ok so I’ve never been one to think that I stress out over anything, I tend to think I’m quite chill, but over the past few months I’ve been getting insane pains all over my body along with the strangest twitching and pins and needles all over. After numerous trips to the doctors, blood tests, scans etc we still can’t figure out what it is but I’ve been able to pin point my triggers though…. One being sugar and added nastieys to food (which I might do a post in the future about) 

The second and the one the affects my body the most…. STRESS. Though I may not be freaking out on the outside, my body sure is. 
Now I’m not saying this is the case for everyone. I would still definitely go to your doctor, but for me avoiding certain foods and staying calm and relaxed is working for me.

So I’m going to share with you my top tips to de stress and relax.

  •  Relaxing Bath There is nothing better than sinking into a hot bath after a long day. I apply a hair mask, light a candle and catch up on the latest from my favourite YouTubers. Lately I’ve been using the Weleda Arnica muscle soak bath milk and my goodness it smells incredible. It leaves you feeling so calm and light while soothing and relaxing your muscles even after getting out of the tub.


  • Me Time/ Pamper Sess One of my favourite things to do is to have a little bit of  “Alone Time”. I’ll go up to my bedroom, put on some music, apply a face mask, paint my nails and read a magazine. These things can sound a bit faffy but the time to just pamper your self can do the world of good. I’ve really been loving the Ziaja range of face masks lately, and what’s best they only cost 69cent.


  • Yoga I recently started yoga in Maynooth every Monday and I love it. I had been so tired and nothing seemed to shake that feeling until I left my first yoga class. I turned to my mam who comes with me and said “even though I’m so relaxed I also feel the most awake I have been in weeks” . It was like giving yourself a massage. If you’ve never tried yoga before I would highly recommend it. Whether you’re super fit or just beginning, it’s suitable for everyone. Yoga in the evening, should help to slow down metabolism and increase serotonin levels (vital in the production of melatonin our ‘relaxation hormone’). 


  • Deep Breathing This is a carry on from yoga but you don’t just have to be doing the downward facing dog to reap the benefits of deep breathing. I find if I ever feel a sudden bout of anxiety or stress coming on I just stop, close my eyes and take a long slow deep breathe in though my nose, right down to my stomach. Then slowly release though my mouth. Just doing this a few times can really have a calming effect. I’m all about that prana energy.


  • Walking There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air, sticking in the headphones and just start walking/running.  I find it great for clearing my head plus it’s a great all over excercise and in turn doing exercise makes you feel better too.


  • Colouring Buy now we’ve all seen the colouring books for mindfulness, you can go high end in Easons or get an equally as good ones in Euro Giant. I find this a great way to take your mind off things. I got my first one before taking a trip to Chicago. I’m not afraid of flying but when I start to think of enclosed spaces I get a little panicky. (Image how I felt getting an mri) so by using this as a way to take my mind off it I was fine. It’s also a great way to pass the time. If colouring isn’t your thing, just do anything creative that relaxes you, cooking, baking, crafts, playing an instrument.


  • Green Tea: Green tea contains a compound named theanine. Theanine is what gives green tea it’s  flavor which instantly relaxes your mind. Theanine is a strong adversary of caffeine. It helps to fight the stimulating effect of caffeine and calm your mind.


  • Tidy your surroundings Remember a tidy space also makes for a tidy mind.A messy home can amplify the stresses of the day and make you feel as if you’re out of control.Make your place tidy and clean before going to bed every day. It will help you to keep your mind in a naturally calm state. So when you come home to a clean environment you will feel better and not stressed about having to clean. Tidy as you go, one I need to put into practise myself!! 

Well that’s my top tips, I hope they work for any of you that need to stay cool, calm and collected. Let me know if you have any tips that you find work for you. I’m off to clean my room and do a clear out so I’ll just leave you with this…

In the words of Erik Conover, “Smile more, worry less and live your passion”.

                                Amanda xx


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