Suits You

I’m really having a thing at the moment for suits. No I’m not talking super formal work wear but a more relaxed casual vibes styles.

Suits work for all occasions. Not into a dress for a wedding or other special events? glam up a matching two piece with some killer heels and simple yet chic accessories and boom… Instant fashionista. 

You can also stray away from the traditional style of blazer and slacks, instead opt of a sleek silk bomber jacket with cigarette trousers, or a jacket with coulottes finished off with an obi belt.

Benefits of wearing a suit.

  • Instantly looks put together
  • Comfortable 
  • The same suit can be worn dressed up or dressed down. For example change the footwear and add an tshirt.
  • The mix and match possibilities are endless. 
  • You won’t just won’t wear it once, unlike a formal dress. 

I found these images on Pinterest and they are everything to to me. LOVE.


 (Ohhh all green, check out my previous post Be Seen In Green

Head over to Asos and check out all the their styles and options. I know I will, I’ve a could of special occasions coming up and I just know I won’t be feeling a dress or a skirt.


That all for now. Keep an eye out for any updates if I find the right one to “suit” me! 

Amanda xx


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