Skincare – update

Hi Again!

This post is going to be pretty brief, but as I sit here with no makeup on I thought what better time to give an update on my skin. In August I wrote a blog post Dealing with Adult Acne and never did a follow-up post to how my skin is now.

Thankfully my skin is back to normal, I’m not having any big breakouts maybe just the odd spot here and there. I feel it was stress related that made me break. I would always be pretty happy with my skin so something pretty sudden made them come on and I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

As of today! 3rd December ’17

Apart from not feeling as stressed, here’s a few things that I’m still doing that might be helping;

  • Drinking silly amounts of water every day – 2.5 – 3 litres a day.
  • Reducing coffee intake to one a day and drinking green or peppermint tea in the afternoon and evenings.
  • Simplify my skincare routine to; Cleanse off mitt to remove makeup; Miscellur water as first cleanse, Clarins as a second cleanse, Clarins Toner and Clarins moisturise. I’ll do a sheet mask 2 times a week, either a Garnier hydrating one or a Primark avocado hydrating one. I’ve held back with all face oils and overnight creams.
  • Reduced alcohol intake to nearly zero. Now, this is a pretty big one I know, but those of you who know me know I get the worst and I mean WORST hangovers known to mankind. So I’ve made a decision and realised it’s just not worth it. At a push, I’ll have a few cocktails or a few glasses of wine but honestly, I’m closer to considering myself as a non-drinker then a drinker! As well as not ruining my weekends I think not drinking alcohol is having an advantage on my skin.
  • Have a least one makeup free day a week to let my skin breath.
  • I now use a lower coverage CC cream as my foundation. It’s a lot lighter on my skin and hopefully isn’t clogging my pores as much. I use the IT CC cream from Sephora. I’ll let you know what I turn to when this runs out!

In my previous post, I was talking about various masks and primrose tablets but I’ve stopped using these now that I am trying to maintain my skin as it is. But if you currently have a breakout I do still recommend the steps in my previous post.

In my opinion, my breakout was due to a busy few months and stress/worry build up. Which is why I take advantage of quiet days and weekends (like today!) when I get them and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

Short and sweet but I hope it was somewhat helpful!

Chat soon

Doireann xx



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