Skincare – Adult Acne and how to control it

Hello Everyone!

It’s been so long since I wrote a post this actually feels weird. So first and foremost I know that a lot of people suffer from acne and there are bigger problems in the world than bad skin but the last two months or so I’ve been really annoyed with my skin and it’s been getting me down.

Just to start off, I’ve been lucky enough to never have acne or breakouts, even as a teenager. I would have the odd spot but never clusters and angry spots. So at 29 to all of a sudden have when I call, Adult Acne or Stress Spots was a bit of a shock. I still don’t know if this is going to be a permanent thing I’ve to deal with (hopefully not) but for the last two months, I’ve had what I consider bad skin, mainly all along chin. I know there are probably people out there that suffer worse, but for me, this was bad. Even friends, family, colleagues were wondering how this came about.

So I’m going to outline how I think this happened and also what I’ve done so far to try and get rid of it. I will include some photos so please take this as your warning!

How I think I got this sudden Acne

  • Three big weekends in a row of drinking alcohol (23rd & 24th June, 1st of July and 5th & 6th of August) for someone who had kind of stopped having big nights out this could have been a trigger.
  • Stress – I tend to bottle stress up inside so maybe this was its way of getting out
  • I popped the first few – for someone who never really gets spots straight away, I popped them! Lesson learned. Don’t pop them.
  • Oil based cleanser – I really like this cleanser so I don’t think it was the cleaners fault. However putting an oil based product over angry acne just felt wrong to me. So I switched. I’ll outline products I changed to below.
  • The hot weather. This was causing my face to be more sweaty and my makeup to run and it was a recipe for disaster!
  • Old concealer. I started using a concealer I had forgotten about and maybe it had bacteria on the wand. I was applying it to the exact area the acne was. This has now been binned.
  • I was drinking a lot of green juices – maybe the badness was coming out?

Steps I took to reducing and nearly banish the Acne

Initial steps in the early stages;

  • Washed ALL of my makeup brushes and started using a new foundation brush
  • Changed my bed sheets more frequently in case the dirt or bacteria was on my pillows
  • Moved to using a water based moisturiser – Uriage Eau Thermale
  • Drank 3litres of water a day
  • Maintained a healthy diet with low sugar intake
  • Reduced the amount face makeup I was using during the week
  • Stopped drinking alcohol unless it was highly necessary i.e celebrations!

Steps in the last 3-4 weeks which I think did the job in clearing my skin;

  • Didn’t wear any face make up for two weeks Monday-Friday. And I mean it. None!
  • Changed from the Kiehl’s oil based cleanser to a Shiseido foam one to just washing my face with a hot Cleanse off mitt
  • Dabbed and not Dragged when drying my skin – Thanks Mam!
  • Used the face mask Cosmetic Warrior ffrom Lush twice a week on the bad areas. The garlic in this mask reduced the redness on the skin.
  • Used the serum Grease lightening from Lush every night and left it on overnight. This fought and nearly stopped any spots from getting worse.
  • Used Tea Tre oil on really sore spots if I thought the Grease Lightning wasn’t going to be strong enough.
  • Took Evening Primrose Oil & Sunflower Oil capsules – Thanks Stacey!
  • Did a yoga class to help reduce any stress.
  • Stopped touching, looking and thinking about my skin and just let it be.
  • Drank green tea in the evenings 3-4 times a week

Photo Diary of progress (apologies in advance)

*Note I am wearing no make up in any of these photos!

23rd July – Nearly no spots I actually took this picture to see if teeth whitening was working!!

26th July – No comment required

29th July – Clearing up hence the smile!

12 August – Back again!


19th August – Cleared up with no new ones!


Conclusion to all this

As you can see from the last photo I took which was today, all seems to be OK for the moment but I’m not holding my breath! I know I’ve gone through a few techniques to try to clear my skin so it’s hard to say which actually did the job. If there is anything to take away from all this it would be; Tea Tree Oil, Cosmetic Warrior face mask from lush, not wearing makeup when possible and reduce your stress levels if you can!

Now that my skin is clear(ish) I am sticking with the ‘Cleanse off’ mitt to remove any makeup. I am using the water-based moisturiser and Serum (Uriage Eau Thermale) and still giving my skin a break from foundation when I can.

I’m not sure if any of the above with help anyone else but if you have any other suggestions what worked for you please comment below!

Thanks for reading

Doireann xx


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