Product Update- Lancôme Energie de Vie

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I feel I need sound effects to help present this beauty product correctly…. haaaaaaaaaallelujah (or something similar)! For now a God like photo will have to do!

Lancôme have released a range of products for us millennials. For anyone who doesn’t know what a millennial is, it’s basically generation Y. A generation that grew up in an electronics – filled world. A generation who is very busy working, socializing and keeping up appearances; jumping from work meetings to evening events to dinner with friends.

So how do we keep our skin routine up to speed with our busy lifestyle… lets talk about Lancôme Energie De Vie Pearly lotion.


Amanda and myself usually take a month or so to try out a product before reviewing it so we can honestly say if it’s had an impact on our skin or not. But for the Lancôme Energie De Vie I don’t need to wait.

I’m pretty sure I have ‘normal skin’ type. I don’t have very visible pores, my skin is not sensitive and I rarely get break outs. If you aren’t sure what skin type you are you can use this guide which might help. For this range though it suit all skin types.

From the first morning I used this pearly lotion I could see my skin was left with a glow, it looked illuminated. It has this way of waking up my skin. I’m splashing my face with cold water and applying the lotion first thing in the morning, before even turning on the nespresso machine!

This lotion is inspired by the latest Chinese rituals of applying a cosmetic water to the skin before a moisturizer or serum.  Although I don’t have time for the full Chinese morning skin regime (42 steps apparently) this one step I am willing to try!


The lotion is translucent and non sticky. The consistency is pretty much just like water, really moist. You simply shake it a few times into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply/press all over your face. The skin absorbs the moisture nearly instantly. You can see my skin has an illuminating shine to it, especially on the cheeks and nose.


My skin straight away feels like it’s been injected with #energy ! Like drinking a green juice for the skin. The fragrance is refreshing and very natural, kind of like lemon and kiwi.

The main root ingredients in the lotions are;

-Rhodiola: Energizes.
-Gentian: Contains antioxidant properties.
-Wild Yam: Nourishes.

One thing I love about this lotion is how my foundation goes on afterwards. I no longer use an Illuminating serum to brighten up my skin and a little goes a long way for my foundation.


I’m currently mixing two foundations as I’m introducing more of  bronzed/tanned look for summer but check out how little foundation I need now….


It’s spreads much easier onto the skin. Perfect for a light minimal daytime face. You can still see the brightness of my skin especially on the forehead and nose.

I love applying the lotion on a no makeup day too. I’m left with a bit of a glow, my skin feels plumper and not the usual grey/dull tired face.

What I love about this pearly lotion is it’s light, refreshing and it has an immediate effect. And the price tag of €39 for a 150 ml bottle is very affordable for us Millenials!

Within the Energie De Vie range there is also a liquid moisturiser which goes on liquid but dries in matte (€55 for 50ml or €39 for 30ml) and an overnight sleeping mask (€55).  All of these products are available in Arnotts or Brown Thomas.

If I was to recommend one of the products from the entire range it would definitely be the pearly lotion!

Let me know if anyone tries it out.

Thanks for reading!

Doireann xx


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