Fashion update – All Black Spring/Summer look

Hello Everyone!

We all know how much myself and Amanda love to wear black. So here’s a very quick outfit post on how to make black OK for a Spring/Summers Day.

Not that we’ve had a lot of sunshine lately but there was a few days last week where it was warm and cold all at the same time (typical) so here’s how I dealt with it!


How to get this look:

Instead of wearing jeans and a strappy top again I decided to flip this theory on it’s head and get the legs out but cover up on top. Here’s what you’ll need!

Black Denim skirt – H&M €29.99

hmprod (1)

Fine knit light weight jumper –  H&M €19.99


This jumper is also available in grey which too would look great for this look!

Espadrilles –  Next SALE €20.
Read our post on the drill on the Espadrilles here.



Cross over bag –  Parfois SALE €20.

This is a pretty simple look but with some minimal gold jewelry I think it looks pretty chic and will be perfect for when I’m exploring windy San Fran in a few weeks!

I hope you enjoyed and as always thanks for reading.

Doireann xx



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