Outfit Update – Adidas T

As you may have already read on this Style Report blog post, I’ve been loving Adidas T’s for a while now. I looked in Champion Sports and Lifetyle Sports and yes they have lots in store but all these patterns and cool designs are ‘in’ now and really I just wanted a plain black or white one.

Soooooo… my sister told me about Fairyhouse Sunday market (more info here) where they do Adidas stuff along with toilet rolls, detergent and all the essentials of the world so I checked it out ! Low and behold TWO Tshirts for only €5!! I was literally in heaven. I got a black, white, blue and grey one.

Now I’m guessing they are 100% fake but I can’t tell, can you?




2 for €5 – Fairyhouse Sunday Market!



I did get home and realise that the white and grey T-shirts have navy writing on them and not black. But I’m just going to block that from my mind.

See more Adidas inspired looks here!

Yaaay for two for a fiver and what was even more exciting was 40 toilet rolls for a tenner!!

Living the dream.

Doireann xx


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