Life- What on Earth is Wellness.

Happy Friday 

So I’ve been watching this series on British Vogue‘s YouTube channel about “what on earth is wellness” with Camille Rowe

I’ve really enjoyed watching it so I thought I’d share it with you lovely people incase you haven’t seen it.

We’ve all heard about the colouring books and spending less time on our phones but really is that all we can do??

There’s so much more to truely being “well“. It’s  more about loving yourself & being present in the moment, looking after our mind, body and soul! 
 I’m definitely going to take on board a lot of the tips & advice I’ve got from watching all four episodes.
There’s a link to the final one below. If anyone knows of a dance class like the one in this ep arounf Dublin / Kildare… Hollar at me. It’s totally up my street.

I’m also going to look more into this myself. Find out what wellness means for me.

I know previously I’ve posted My Top Tips for Relaxation but I really want to become more “zen” like and just feel totally free and live in the moment. Release my inner 60’s hippie which is so strongly trying to get out.

Step one I think will be trying meditation.
Keep on eye on here for more posts about this and to see how I get on on my road to true inner enlightenment and wellness.
Amanda xx



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