Life – Christmas Shopping Tips

It’s starting to get to that time of year when we think of giving…. giving ourselves a little treat ha.

Anyone else go out hunting for presents and just want to keep it all for yourself?? It can’t just be me, right?

Some people find the task of Christmas shopping so daunting, stressful even.
We’ve come up with a few little tips and tricks to make the task more enjoyable;

  • Thinking of what to get someone is almost half the battle. Wondering aimlessly from shop to shop you will get you nowhere fast, you’ll get so fed up you’ll end up just picking up anything for that sake of it. Our first piece of advice is, listen. Listen to all the hints they drop throughout the year and jot them down! You’d be surprised with the amount of times we all wish for things, even if it is your Dad saying for the 10th time how he needs a new pair of slippers!
  • Make a list, oh I love a good list. First start by writing down all the names of everyone you want to buy presents for. I even make a note beside the name of what I’m thinking of getting that person. Then once you’ve picked up a pressie for said person, tick them off your list. That way you know where you stand and know who is left to buy for… he’s making a list … he’s… OK never mind.
  • Budget! So many people get themselves into debt over Christmas, it’s not worth it. It’s the thought that counts. I always prefer a gift that I know someone actually thought about rather than a really expensive gift that doesn’t really have any meaning behind it. Work out how much money you have to spend in total then budget it over across your list of people.

  • If you have a really low budget, get creative and make them yourself! Pinterest has endless ideas around DIY gifts and who doesn’t love photo collages.
  • It’s a bit late for this idea right now, but you can start for next year. Save €10 a week from January to the end of October you will have €430 to start your crimbo shopping come November, that’s if you want to start them.
  • If you haven’t got lots of savings, pick up one thing a week, in the led up to December 25th. That way you feel like you’re doing a bit and ticking your list off one thing at a time.
  • Hate the crowds, stay away from the big shopping centres then. Why not think of shopping local, more often than not you’ll manage to get something a little different from the high street and usually at a better price too. It’s a myth to think larger shops offer the best prices. Also be wary of online shops too, just because they are online doesn’t mean they are going to be cheaper. From my experience online tends to be more expensive and you have to pay for delivery too don’t forget.
  • Don’t ever go shopping in a crappy mood. Crowds of people and long queues are bad enough without being in a pisser. Remember most shops already have the Xmas tunes pumping, don’t diss them, sing along and get yourself in the mood. I’ve never sang a Christmas song and not felt in a good mood.
  • Something to buy the person that has everything… buy them a memory! Presents don’t always have to be physical material things, a present could be a cool experience or fun day out that you plan from start to finish. Get thinking outside that box.

The last piece of advice we have is related to wrapping presents … pour the largest glass of red wine possible and just go for it. The wine will ease the pain of the celotape being ripped off your finger for the 100th time!!

So now we’ve realised we are totally unorganised ourselves, so off we go to write up our list. Hope this little tips work for you. If you have any of your own please do share.

Happy shopping 

Doireann & Amanda xx



    • Oh Sinead, a fantastic tip. Secretly though I love to wrap presents! Amanda x

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