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Bonjour mon amis
So prepare for a lot of home decor posts to be poping up here. I’m obsessed, always have been since I was a little girl. 
Years ago I was into the French antique kinda look with everything really pretty and cream with wicker hearts etc but boy has my style changed from 5 years ago in my very first apartment. My taste has totally evolved and I feel what I like now really represents my own personal style.

I wouldn’t / couldn’t class my style under just one category. I’m eclectic but minimal, I love mid century modern but with a glam twist almost Art Deco style you could say. Quite masculine but you know it’s a woman’s touch. 

If like me you are moving into a new place or simply just want to redecorate where you are now, there is so much you can do and change a room simply just up cycling and by adding a few accessories. 

I’m moving into a brand new house so I don’t have to refurbish anything just style it with my furniture and pieces I have collected and bought along the way. 
I may however paint a few walls after I move in. I didn’t feel ready to commit to a colour for a room before I actually have lived in it yet so now my walls are neutral. I also need to decide on flooring for my stairs and upstairs bedrooms.
With it being a new house my kitchen and bathrooms were included. We had the option to completely change the styles but with that brings the extra chac ching thst we didn’t have at the time for choosing so I kept the bathrooms and kitchen the same style as the show house but I changed the colours to ones I liked more with out adding extra cost.
I’m going maybe talk through each room separate post so I’ll go into more dept then.
This is just a kind of intro in to a new little segment of the blog under our “Lifestyle” heading called “Home Edition”.

So this will be the place to find all my home decor and interiors posts. Maybe I’ll add in some random hauls and tell you lot about things like what pots and pans are good.( cause I know I’d read that) and yeah just any other tips and tricks I find along the way. Oh and Christmas is coming up so I can only image the post I can do for that.

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So until next time.
Amanda xx



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