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If you’ve read any of my previous home decor posts you with know I’ve a little bit of a quirky style. I like let my personality shine though in my interiors.
Like my own personality it’s a whole mixed bag of stuff from having bright colours to then going so simple it can look very monochromatic. I’ve cheaper warm and cuddly accessories mixed with more practical expensive pieces. I’ll go glam with an Art Deco look from the 20’s then combine it with really retro 60’s style furniture while keeping it all quite masculine.Can you tell I watched a lot of Mad Men when deciding on how to decorate?!

One room I feel is most important is the living room. It’s the place  you go to relax, cuddle up, socialise with family and  friends, watch tv and if like me, enjoy the occasional nap. 

For my self and Conor, the most integral thing to have is a comfy seating.When picking out a couch I knew I wanted something that was really comfy, something that was quite deep but also something that didn’t look too big and bulky, ending up taking up whole room. I also really wanted a suite in keeping with my mid century modern style too. I had looked around in a lot of shops, and while I found some that that met some criterias they didn’t tick all the boxes.

We got  our sofas from DFS out in Blanchardstown. Moving into a new home you need to buy soooo much. Lucky enough Dfs offer 3 years interest free credit which helps a lot. We just pay for them monthly while not having to pay interest like you would a loan. 

We decided on the Zinc sofas from the French Collection range. We chose the grey combination with dark wood legs. It also comes in 12 other colours too. We got a four seater, a two seater and a plain grey large footstool. 

 I just really love shape of the sofas,the way the curve out at the sides, they look dainty in the room but they are really quite large and wide to sit on and I think having them elevated on legs gives brings a more airy and spacious feel to the room also.

The couches also came with cream and grey geo print cushions. 
To add some colour I bought green and grey cushions from H&M with different textures and patterns.

In keeping with the colour scheme I picked up grey velvet curtains, I really feel the velvet adds a luxurious touch to the room. These are from The Bedlinen Warehouse. I went for 90 x 90 as I wanted them to touch the floor.

My curtain pole is also from The Bedlinen Warehouse, it’s bass and has fantastic clear crystal like cylinder balls at either end. 
A lot of my accessories in the room are gold or brass. I just felt I wanted to have gold to add a warm feel. I think it provides a good contrast to the cool tones of the grey and green, and who doesn’t love a bit of gold. 

If I didn’t already go on about them enough when I first got them, I’m gonna gush a little over one of my favourite purchases, Helen James Considered Marble side tables with brass legs. I ordered theses online from Dunnes Stores. They are exactly what I wanted as I knew I didn’t wanted a coffee table for the middle of the room, I wanted something practical that could be used around the room but also stood alone as a feature piece. 

I also have my fantastic round mirror from IKEA that I got my dad to hang up over my sofa. This is the “Stockholm” mirror  is €70x  I love how the slim wooden frame them gets wider as it goes around. 

Side boards are very retro and are a great functional piece of furniture to have. After a lot of looking around I’ve found the one, it’s from Kian Furniture. It fits in so well with the theme of the room, it’s wood and black and it has the brass detail and the design of it is beautiful.

 On the side board we’ve set up our record player on top and we use half of the compartments as storage for my vinyls and books. Conor also wanted to use the side board as a mini bar station, really in keeping with that 60’s era  (at first I regretted suggesting the idea but now really liking the set up) but honestly we don’t drink a lot so it’s be more for show than anything else. We did how ever make use of some of the whisky.. I think the rest may be staying in the decanter.

How fabulous is this Paul Costelloe bar cart set, with the black and gold utensils on a marble bass. Fits in perfectly with the room and it also matches my cheese board and knife set also from the Paul Costelloe collection in Dunne’s Stores.

The brass tray/plate is from IKEA, I think I might pick up a second one to use to place all my candles on.

I’ve a bit of art work hung up, I picked up some Pohiggs prints in the book market that is held on Sundays in temple bar. Then I just got frames for them in IKEA.

How cool is this picture I picked recently in Dunnes Stores It was only €20 and really love the black and white elephant. Kinda goes with the other let’s say “non traditional” prints.

Lighting is still something the room is lacking. At the moment we don’t have anything just a bulb in the ceiling oh and a dimmer switch! Conor felt I was a necessity ha. I have been looking for a spudnik light fitting but I need one that is more horizontal than circular as my ceiling isn’t high enough to pull it off.

I found the one I want in a shop called Bright Lights. I’m 90% this is the one I’m going to go for.


I also have a lovely brass lamp that I got in sale for €25 in Dunnes after Christmas.

Then to bring the room altogether and to add a cosy touch, I ordered a cream circular rug for the floor from Next. This was €168. 

The way I’m which I have my room lay out is that it’s more of a room for socialising than watching tv. I have the two couches facing each other rather than at the tv. Our tv is in the side wall in an inlay especially designed to fit a tv. Now currently our tv is smaller that the space but we’ve plans to get a larger one soon. So that it is easier for us both to watch tv if we are on the same couch we got a movable bracket for the television. This way we can extend the tv out and around and move it to which ever position is best and then we can recall it back to feeling flush to the wall. 

All I need now  is my blinds which I’m going for cream wooden blinds. Then to finish off the room I need large plant to add a bit of life. I also want to paint either side of the fire breast a really dark green to match in with my cushions. 

I’m a bit afraid to do this as it’s such a dark colour but I thing it could look so rich on the walls. 

Above are some inspiration I found on Pinterest of the type of colour I’m looking at painting the room.
So what do you think? My room is kind of a weird angle to take a picture of and my photography skills aren’t the best, but I’m really happy with everything I’ve chose and how it’s all came together.

I think I’ll do a post on my kitchen next time. You you be interested in that??

Leave your comments below and and get back to you.

Until next time.

Amanda xx



  1. Omg I love the contrast of this. The green looks gorgeous. We moved into a new house end of October and I have still yet to decorate each room. I think I may take some inspiration from this. Our house is grey themed. We have grey tileso downstairs and I think the green would go beautiful.

    • Thanks Janine, that’s when we moved in aswell. The only rooms we really have done is the kitchen and the living room. It’s exciting though getting to design and do up and house isn’t it.

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