Halloween Costume Idea

You know those people who use Halloween as an excuse to look ‘sexy’ … yeah I’m not one of them ? I go all out freaky.

Last year I went on a serious hunt for huge black wings and found them in the card shop in the Ilac centre of all places! I think they were about €25. Bargain compared to the prices of some of the costumes out there.

So what did I dress up as??

I wore all my own clothes (black!!) and freaky makeup and called myself the Angel of Death!! I got the makeup look on a you tube tutorial and added in all black lenses.

✖☻ Scared ??

The wings could also me used again for malificent or maybe a huge crow?? Haha

Let me know what you think or what you’re planning on dressing up as this year!

Chat soon

Doireann xx


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