Get to know us Part 2!

Everyone loves a good candid Q&A so here goes! 

  • If you had to be obsessed with one thing what would it be and why

Doireann) Music because I love it so much I can never get sick of it.

Amanda) My nephews. Zac who is 5, super sweet and so funny, I’m pretty sure he’s my soul twin and Josh is 5 months and is a squishy little smiler and so cuddly.

  • What actress would play you in a movie and why

Doireann) This is so hard… I just googled “Stupid Actresses” haha maybe Emma Stone?!

Amanda) Jennifer Lawrence.. because of the personality

  • What is your worst habit

Doireann) I bite my nails

Amanda) Having to get my point across

  • When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up

Doireann) I’m still a kid. Probably a teacher because I always wanted to play ‘school’ with my big sister. She always wanted to be backing dancers for a boy band haha. I had no interest in that.

Amanda) I wanted my own magazine, I used to make my own and have lots of little articles. It was called “Amanda’s Mag” ha

  • What was your favourite girl or boy band when you were younger

Doireann) Probably Take That and then Westlife… so original

Amanda) oooh Take That for sure but I did love the Back Street Boys

  • What was the last concert you saw

Doireann) Anne Marie in the Academy

Amanda) It was meant to be All Tvvins but we had just got the keys to the house ok the same day as the gig, but better that  The Last Shadow Puppets also in the Olympia, I was so excited to see Alex Turner I forced myself to go with a vomiting bug!

  • What movie would you watch over and over and still love

Doireann) Anything with Vince Vaughan … “and I got nothing to do manana but sleep in”

Amanda) Grease, ” from you to me pinky Lee”

  • If you are in a restaurant what do you always order to drink

Doireann) Water & Wine

Amanda) The same as Doireann water and wine

  • Have you ever been stopped by the guards

Doireann) Yes once at random to be breathalysed. Came out negative FYI.

Amanda) Again same as Doireann, random breathalyser check

  • What piercings do you have if any

Doireann) Ear Lobes, Rook & Auricle

Amanda) I have my ears pierced three times and my nose pierced but I don’t wear any earrings or a nose stud!

  • What do you do when your sad

Doireann) I like to be on my own for a while and listen to even sadder music. Deeeep!

Amanda) Get a cuddle from someone. Call Zac or watch a video of him doing something silly. He always cheers me up.

  • Do you sing in the shower

Doireann) No actually. But I do in the car.

Amanda) Not really.

  • What are you most scared of

Doireann) Huge Rabbits. Like massive ones.

Amanda) Birds and clowns

  • Do you have a current obsession with anything/anyone

Doireann) James Arthurs new album (even though I actually hate him). Yoga. Now this is Living youtube channel and Zoella’s Vlogmas!

Amanda) My house and home interiors and Gilmore Girls on Netflix

  • What’s your nickname

Doireann) Doiro or D

Amanda) Manda, my Mam and Nanna call me Mandy Moo

  • Are you an introvert or extrovert

Doireann) Introvert

Amanda) I would be an Ambivert, I would be a bitta both Introvert and Extrovert

  • All time favourite emoji to use

Doireann) Laughing face !!

Amanda) Laughy face and winky tongue out face.

Any other weird and wonderful questions you want answered?! 

Let us know ? 

Doireann & Amanda 


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