Food update – Week 8 as a Pescetarian

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would do a small update on my pescetarian lifestyle. I’m now in my 8th week, it feels like a lot longer then that to be honest. It’s longer then I thought I would last with no meat what so ever (oh wait … there was this one time but sshhh).

I haven’t kept a food diary for each week but here’s an example of things I’ve been eating and what I’ve noticed in my diet;

  • Lots and lots of sushi is being consumed. Zakura (Wexford St) & Ukiyo (Exchequer St) being the main places I go for Japanese food.
  • I’m having seafood Ramen at least once a week. Ramen again in Zakura on Wexford St. I’ve also had Pho a few times, once in Pho Ta in Temple Bar and the second Hanoi Hanoi on Capel St. I really love Ramen and Pho, it’s so hearty and warms you up good! They’re not the exact same dish but it’s basically a broth with normal or rice noodles, topped with fish, seaweed or veggies and they tend to have scallions and chili on top. You can get meat versions aswell.


  • I’m not eating quorn at all, I don’t like it! Quorn sausages are a big no no from me!
  • Fish is starting to get a bit boring so I’m trying to do fish parcels or fish pies to keep it interesting. Cod fillets, lemon sole, Salmon fillets and smoked salmon is what I’m eating most of.
  • Still eating salads at lunch  There is huge variety of salads in work (KC Peaches) so I’m defo getting my 5 a day if not more. A lot of the salads also include beans and lentils so all good for me as well as a variety of cheeses.


  • I’ve stopped eating chinese food. I feel Thai or Indian is healthier and less processed (maybe that’s all in my head). So if I’m ordering takeaway I choose the prawn version. If I’m ordering or cooking pizza I usually have mushrooms on top or plain cheese.
  • You can cook most things at home as normal just without meat and lots of veg instead; chili, curry, stir fry, pasta dishes, pies, stuffed butternut squash, bean burgers, stuffed sweet potato. It’s good to try new things in the kitchen. I tend to not follow recipes and just go with my instinct, tends to work most of the time.


I’m happy to say that about 4 weeks in I was on the way to work and I actually felt lighter. It’s hard to explain, maybe less bloated. I’m never too full after meals either which I love. I used to get really sleepy after eating a lot.  Eating tonnes of vegetables and fish has to be a good thing. Keeping the hormones and preservatives regularly found in meat (usually processed meat) out of your system is a no brainer for me.


Since I don’t know the full science behind my diet I decided to ask my friend Eibhlin who studied Food Science what her two cents were. She gave me the following insight about cutting meat out of your diet and going veggie:

Vegetarian diets have long shown to be more beneficial. Vegetarian people on average live longer, have less risk of developing cancer/diabetes/heart disease. They usually have favourable blood lipid profiles etc. Red meats usually have a high saturated fatty acid profile. Processed meats have also been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers. Veggie diets are healthier probably due to the lower intakes of animal fats and increased plant fibres, but obviously you can still be an unhealthy vegetarian if you still eat high processed food. It’s important to get protein in your diet so trying to get that from a plant based diet can be tough. This is why you should eat quorn and tofu! Even if you are a meat eater it’s recommended that you only eat red meats twice a week and fill the rest of your week with white meat and fish. It is also worth noting that hormones get filtered through to us as we consume meat, the meat we eat has been exposed to antibiotics etc. 

I’ve decided to push myself to keep this pescetarian diet going until Xmas and maybe longer. I did order a fish dish in Pichet recently though which included bacon bits with the lentils and I just ate them. So I’ve had one weak moment! I’ve also decided I’ll be eating my turkey & ham Christmas dinner so Mam if you’re reading this… don’t bother with the nut loaf.

Anyone else trying a new eating lifestyle lately or have some recipes to share?

Chat soon

Doireann x







  1. After chatting to you about the benefits….im giving this a go myself…week 1 with tuna balls, coley kedigree and salmon hot pot, also lots of eggs ?

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