Food update – Week 1 as a Pescetarian 

Hello everyone!

So here’s a post I never thought I would be writing. As you might have seen on my snapchat this past week I literally out of nowhere have tried eating following the pescetarian diet.

What the hell is a pescetarian?

It’s basically a vegetarian who eats fish. I’m not going to go into some big scientific notion around diets and why I’m cutting out meat (cause I don’t really know any) But lately I’ve noticed my diet changing for the better and I thought, If I set myself a bit of a challenge I might be onto a good thing here.

Why not become a vegetarian?

This for me is a little too unrealistic right now. I’m not cutting out meat necessarily for animal rights reasons (although yes to animal rights), I’m just kind of seeing if I can do without it.

My main reason for trying this is I just want to know what I’m eating. I don’t like the idea of processed meats. We’ve all heard the horror stories, what’s been pumped into some meat and not knowing how these chemicals can harm our bodies. All I want is to be healthy.

Is it going to be hard to do?

When I think about the amount of meat I eat it’s really only at dinner time. Breakfast is fine and working in KC Peaches makes lunch really easy. There’s so many salads and hot dishes that are vegan let alone vegetarian. I’m pretty sure I’m eating like a Vegan 70% of the time already!

Also, for the last year I’ve stopped drinking milk. I started to get really full and bloated after drinking a regular latte so now I drink soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk in my coffee and cereal/porridge. I’m still eating dairy right now just not straight up milk.

 What I ate this week!

TMI? Soz! If you want an insight daily follow my snapchat Doireann88.


Bfast; Porridge on Almond milk, fruit and seeds
Lunch; Brown bread and pesto
Dinner; Fillet of salmon chips and spinach & greens salad

Porridge in Tang St. Stephens Green! 


Bfast; Cereals & Granola, natural yoghurt & fruit
Lunch; Vegetable soup and tomato bread

Snack; Melon & Apple

Dinner; Mediterranean veg pizza


Bfast; Scrambled eggs and brown bread
Lunch; Melon, grapes, Rice cakes with peanut butter
Dinner; Rice noodle soup with quorn, sweetcorn and scallions


Bfast; Cereals & Granola, natural yoghurt & fruit
Lunch; Tomato red pepper soup
Snack; Seeds and nuts
Lunch; Chilli con veggie, garlic cubed potatoes, mixed leaves & spinach, beetroot and feta salad.

two lunches one before yogalates and one after LOL

Dinner; Prawn and rice noodle chow mein stir fry thingy.

KC Peaches salad boxes always look so messy but honestly it’s good! 

Bfast; Granola bar
Lunch; Mushroom pasta, mixed greens & spinach, beetroot and feta salad
Dinner; Salmon, sweet potato and hummus

Medium size Salad plate in Industry Cafe Drury St. 


Bfast; Only coffee (oops!)
Lunch; Carrot & Ginger Soup, Soda Bread with Pesto and Mozzarella
Dinner; Stuffed Ravioli with mushroom sauce


Bfast; Porridge on Almond Milk with grapes and seeds

Lunch; Bread sticks with garlic and onion dip

Dinner; Prawn fried rice and curry sauce


Bfast; Scrambled eggs and soda bread

Late lunch/Dinner (hungover to bits); Margarita pizza with mushrooms

So for anyone who is remotely interested in this topic I’ll see how I get on for the next 2-3 weeks and then maybe do an updated post?
Now … do I want to go to 5 guys fries for a massive burger or not ….??

We’ll have to wait and see!

Chat soon

Doireann xx


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