Fashion Update – Recent Purchases

Hello everyone!

Lets just say … I’ve been shopping. I’ll breakdown my purchases based on the store.

Let’s Go!


Cause who doesn’t want to look like Austin Powers? This crushed velvet bomber is the spits of the limited edition one in River Island only this one is €21 and the RI one is €55.


River Island

There was absolutely no need for me to buy another jacket because I literally have every jacket imaginable … BUT I do not have a black denim jacket and it was really upsetting (not really!). This was total ‘Oh I have more money in my account then I thought’ splurge for €65. Click the image to be brought to the site.


687714_main 687714_rollover

 New Look 

OK so bardot tops appeared on this earth out of nowhere this summer and all of a sudden everyone was showing off their sexy Clavicle in a Zara denim number. But now its baltic outside and we all need a winter alternative.  New Look have our backs honey…or should I say our fronts.

Take my money!! I got the dark grey one!! Click the image to be brought to the site. €29.99

dark-grey-ribbed-bardot-neck-jumper pale-grey-ribbed-bardot-neck-jumper

New Look 

I got this funnel neck sweater and love it, it’s so cosy. It’s fine knit so is almost like a fleece. The neck isn’t a full roll neck so you don’t need to worry about folding it or it being up too high, it just kind of sits there. €22.99. Click the image to be brought to the site.


These are items I have my eye on right now. Payday is tomorrow people. Calm…


Oversized is my jam !!! I love that sloppy effortless look. Some of these jumpers seem pricey for H&M but they are very pretty and not jumpers I’ve seen eeeeveryhere so maybe one would be worth it?! Click the image to be brought to the site.

Each jumper is €69.99


So that’s it! What’s your favourite item if any?

Chat soon!

Doireann xx


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