Colour Trend – Pretty In Pink

As apart of my new colour challenge (which by the way I’m taking to quite well I must say) I’ve definitely be noticing more and more colour coming into the shops, as expected as summer is aproaching, but it’s more about the blocks, brights and bolds rather than prints and pastels.

As the title suggested this colour trend piece is about pink . I’ve seen a lot of a beautiful rose colour popping up. It’s so pretty. I’m not normal I one for pink but in having a little thing for it at the mo. Take a look at some of my favourites from the high street. 
All of the above are from Zara. 

All of the above from RiverIsland. I recently picked up the pink strappy shoes and the pink stripe sleeveless jacket. So I’m slowly introducing pick into my wardrobe!! 

Until next time, 

Amanda xx


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