Check In – January 2017

Hi everyone Happy 2017. Hope you all had a cracking Christmas

This may be a little late with it being over 4 days into the new year but better late than never right.
For me the Christmas holidays flew in. But it couldn’t have been more blissful. I spent so much time with family and friends, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. From family dinners, cuddles with my nephew and ringing in the new year zip lining in Carlingford.

January is a funny one for some. People are either all buzzed with antipication for the year ahead, while others struggle to get back into the swing of things after a supberb silly season. For me it is all about being organised and planning out a lot for the year ahead, in all aspects of my life. This month is a busy one for me. Work wise, sees the beginning of the Communion season, so it’s all about sorting out our 2017 Communion Collection, drawing up marketing ideas,advertising, working on the social media side of things, growing engagement etc, then preparing the store and mapping out a layout for stock display, a lot of our collection is preordered though I’m always on the look out for something a little quirky to add to our assortment and then the fun stuff of helping to style the cute little kids for their big day.

In terms of the blog, I have set my self a goal spend more time working on posts and ideas and sharing content across all out social media platforms in the hopes to produce better content for and growing our followers. I also can’t believe that I is two years to the day that Doireann and I sat down and designed our website and bought our domain name… and though we didn’t post anything for another couple of days… this was the day BLOGBEAUTIES was born and went live. We both love the blog so much as it’s a fantastic creative outlet for us both, we have has so many amazing opportunities come to us though the blog and have met some of the nicest people ever who we are now so happy to call friends. Ladies you know who you are.

January now holds a special place in my heart as this is the month Conor brought me to Ashford Castle. There he proposed to me down in their wine cellar where it was booked out for just the two of us for that special moment in our lives that we will never ever forget. I can’t believe come January 30th we will be engaged a year. To celebrate our “engagement anniversary” we have planned a little city break to Hamburg, Germany. I can’t wait.


Plans, hopes and goals for January and 2017 

  • Organising my house. 

I still have boxes to unpack… mostly boxes of clothes, my clothes, clothes that I really need to sort out and either plan outfits with or bag and bring to the charity shop. I also still have a lot of projects to work on in the house too. With lots of rooms still needing styling. Watch this space.

  • Up on my cooking skills. 

Now I’m no stranger to the kitchen but I definitely want to work on trying out and creating new meals and recipes. I’ve just picked up one of The Body Coaches 15 minutes cook books recently so there’s lots in that I’m gonna try too. Also did you see on Doireann’s snap chat that she went to a sushi making class… I’ve always wanted to do that so that’s going on my list too for this year. I love me some sushi!

  • Skin and hair care. 

This is not just for January but I’m going to make an extra special effort to look after and keep up with my skin and hair care routine, I’m already quite good with my skin but over the holidays I’ve derailed a little but it’s back on track for now on. Now after Christmas I’ve lots of new products to try out so no time like the present.

  • Get fit. 

Ok so this is one that a lot of people say and do every year but this year I am determined to do it. With only a year and 3 months left in my 20’s (internally crying) I want to enter my 30’s (more internal crying) being fit and healthy with some what of a good body ha!

  • Family, friends and photos.

When I was in my teens thinking I was cool with my digital camera, I always made sure to print my photos, now with smart phones and social pages to share our pics I don’t print my photos. This year I’m going to try my best to get lots of photos of my family and friends and fill endless album with my snaps.

So that’s my little check in after Christmas, we’ll be back very shortly with lots of fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces for you to peruse at your pleasure.

Amanda xx


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