Best City Breaks – Part 5 Prague

Following on from our previous city breaks posts… This weeks instalment is all about Prague.

I visited Prague in November 2014 as part of a two part holiday where we went to Amsterdam first (which we will talk about in another post) then onto Prague.
I loved loved loved Prague. The relaxed chilled out kinda sleepy vibe was a welcome difference from the hustle & bustle city centre of Amsterdam. I really enjoyed the cuteness and feel of the Old Town. It was just what we needed after a big hiccup in our plans. We were due to take an over night train taking us from Amsterdam to Prague, which I was so excited about but unfortunately the trains went on strike. We eventually got yo Prague after having to book last minute flights. 

The Old Town

Firstly I want to note, making your way from the airport to the Old Town us very simple. We took a bus from the airport to the city centre and from there we took the the underground to the old town, it’s very easy, simple and cheap to get yourself around Prague.

As I said before we had some hassle finally getting to Prague from our previous location due to travel disruptions so the chilled out vibe of thr Old Town Square was just a treat. 

We spent our days basically just strolling around and eating… The one thing I say to any one I hear going to Prague is grab a table at a car that has outdoor seating, order yourself a beer and just chill out, people watch and take in the entertainment from the street performers. 

While you’re also in the Old Town and want a panoramic view, take a trip to the top of the Clock Tower.


Our Hotel

We stayed in Hotel Libet, right smack bam on Old Town Square. It’s was the cutest most quaint hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Everything from the luxurious curtains to the beautiful painted ceilings with wooden beems was so traditional. The staff were so nice and helpful too. 



The Food 

Where ever I go I make it my mission to try the local cuisine as much as possible. 
We found the most amazing traditional Czech restaurant. We loved it so much we went back twice in our four night stay. Again the whole ambiance and friendly staff play a bit part but o my the food was incredible. If I could explain what they were I would but I can’t remember!! 

The food is simple but so full of taste with dishes mainly consisting of beef, dumplings and cabbage. And strudle, lots and lots of delicious strudle.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality, it was dark and I only had my phone.)

The old town also has some street food kiosks around. And one thing  you just have to get for a sweet treat is a Kürtostalács.


I first had one of these in Budapest  so I was excited for Conor to try one out after all my raving about them. 

Things To Do

  • Take a stroll across Charles bridge. Try going earlier in the day before it gets too busy:
  • Visit Petrin Hill for a wonderful view of the city.
  • Soak up some culture by going to see an orchestra play in one of the churches.
  • Step away from the tourist bars, instead hit up some bars just outside the Old Town and try out the local beers that Prague has to offer.

Just to note one thing I wouldn’t recommend is doing the night river boat dinner cruise. Though it’s beautiful to see Charles Bridge lit up at night but it’s just a bit over priced, food isn’t great and it takes a bit too long.

There’s so much still I want to explore in Prague that we never did as we just chilled out the first time but the lucky gal I am, I got a trip to go to Prague in May from Conor for my birthday. So I can check back in and update this post.

So until….

Amanda Xx

Keep an eye out next for Doireann’s piece on Amsterdam. 

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