Beauty Update – My Favourite Perfumes

Hello Everyone,

I love perfume. There, I said it! I love how a scent can spark a memory and I loooove when I smell something unique and different that stands out.

Which brings me onto the point of this post, my scents. I’m starting to stir away from the scents we smell every day and see day in and day out being advertised on billboards, TV, etc. I’ve decided I don’t want to smell like everyone else … I want to be different, or at least try!

I used to be into heavy smells like D&G The One and Dior Addict (wow that is a distinct scent!) but, of late I’ve done a full 360 and go for real fresh, green, vegetal, tree scents. Especially for ‘day time’ perfumes.

Am I the only one who differentiates perfumes as either daytime or night time by the way? I doubt it. If there’s any confusion ‘daytime’ to me means fresh, awake, the type of scent you can spray at 6.30am and you aren’t going to get an instant migraine! Night time perfume can be a lot heavier, woodier and something that is strong enough to linger into the night.

Here are the two ‘day time’ perfumes I’ve loved this year;


Available in Debenhams 50ml €75 or buy online here

 I bought the 50ml last week and am really enjoying it! Once the girl in Debenhams said “the majority of people find this too strange” I knew I’d like it! It’s described as the spirit of a Mediterranean garden;  trees, flowers, figs and I get a bit of an oak smell from it too.

TOCCA Bianca Eau de Parfum


Available in Space NK Grafton St. 50ml €54 

I totally bought this on a whim last May, I’d never even hear of TOCCA but I think this Bianca might just be my favourite perfume of all time. It lasted me all the way to the end of my holidays and I miss it already !! It starts off very citrus with lemon and mandarin but warms up leaving a musk, green tea scent. It’s just so fresh, it nearly wakes me up in the morning.

Other scents on my radar.

After spraying nearly everything in sight in search of the above I found some pretty ‘different’ scents which I might as well share if you’re on the lookout for something unique.

Zadig and Voltaire – This is Her


€60-€90 available in Debenhams and online here

This is a heavy smell compared to the above. Sweet like vanilla but with a lot of deep wood scents. A good lasting day time perfume.


€49 – €135 available in Debenhams and online here

Again this is definitely a heavier scent than the top two and what I would consider as a ‘night time perfume’. Lots of white musks with an orange blossom and Ylang-Ylang finish. I have a small sample of this one in my bag for spontaneous after work events, the perfect scent if you need a boost before heading out somewhere.

Tom Ford mandarino Di Amalfi


€188 50 ml available in Brown Thomas and online here

Yes, I am that person spraying this all over my coat in BT’s because I can’t bring myself to buy a bottle of perfume for nearly €200. Maybe one day! As you can probably tell from the name again this a full of citrus fruits, mint, thyme, and wildflowers. It’s just gorgeous.


If anyone else has any new or different perfumes I should try please let me know. The weirder the better!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried out any of the above and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading.

Doireann xx


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