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The Kiehls Micro Peel Concentrate was already listed in our Beauty Favourites – Summer Skin post but I’m such a fan of it I wanted to review it in a little more detail for you all. We received this product about 7 weeks ago and in order to test it properly it’s the only night time serum/oil style product I’ve been using since receiving it.

First off, a little more information on the product.

Quinoa seems to be taking over the city at the moment, every restaurant is using it in salads, juices, burgers… it’s everywhere! But how about quinoa husk extract in our skin products? Now that’s new…

Kiehls discovered the outer husks of quinoa have skin exfoliating benefits, so they decided to create a product around this.  I’ve always been a little curious when it comes to skin peels, I like the idea but keep thinking gosh that sounds sore! So for now I’ll stick with this product. The Micro Peel Concentrate is said to be like a chemical peel in terms of results but not the same process.

Available in Arnotts for €48.00.

How it works

The solution works to accelerate the skin night time cell turnover process so dull surface skin is released quicker…Meaning you wake up radiant. The concentrate helps to even skin tones, refine the feel of rough textures, all the while revealing fresher newer skin.

This product is advised to be used at night after cleansing and before moisturising. It has a suction syringe applicator and I would only use a small amount (shown below) on my entire face.

When you wake up in the morning you can still feel the product on your skin, it’s kind of like a sticky solution which I just wash off as normal with water. There is no ‘peel’ as such to be removed. I then cleanse and moisturise again before applying my makeup.

Available in Arnotts for €48.00.

A major reason it’s advised to use this product at night time is because some of the ingrediants are said to make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So please ensure you are using a SPF or use a foundation which contains an SPF after using this product. The more precaution the better!

The results

As I said I’ve been using the Kiehls Micro Peel Concentrate for about 7 weeks now and I have to say I do find myself putting on less makeup in the morning. I’m feeling proud of my skin and really think the radiance is showing through.


Without makeup while the peel is on at night time

As you can see from the above image I do have a bit of pigmentation along the top of my forehead and hair line which hasn’t been reduced but really I wasn’t expecting something so prominent to be removed by an over night peel. I think that’s a problem for another day. It just shows you I wasn’t wearing enough SPF all these years and how important it is … learn from my mistakes people!

(Sorry my skin looks a lot darker in this picture due to the night time artificial light versus the second picture which is natural daylight!)


With the peel washed off and a small amount of foundation at morning time

More to come

I’m really happy with this peel and the results so far. Only recently I also received the Kiehls MTV Ultra Facial cream (€54 also available in Arnotts) so the two products combined should make for some interesting results over the coming weeks!

The MTV Ultra Facial cream is one of Kiehls top selling products. With every sale of this limited edition by Laura Mvula, Kiehls will donate €10 to the MTV Staying Alive Foundation to support 3 projects around the world to empower young women.

I will continue to use these two products together and do a quick update in approx 4 weeks time!

If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Chat soon

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