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Hello Everyone!

With holidays approaching we’ve put together our favourite beauty products for getting yourself and your skin summer ready.


We all want a healthy glow right, whether you’re sunbathing by a lush pool or sticking on some of the fake stuff in your bathroom, nothing helps your tan better than a good smooth base. Plus getting your body looking good will help you feel more confident when slipping off that cover up poolside.

Dead Sea Spa Magik – Salt Brushing.

Oh my goodness this stuff is divine. It’s a naturally exfoliating salt scrub with Dead Sea salts, coconut oil and vitamin E to deeply hydrate the skin, and that it does. It’s not at all harsh and leaves your skin feeling the silkest it’s ever felt. It’s tough enough to remove dead skin cells, old tan etc but so gentle on the skin, not at all harsh and it’s scent is so relaxing. I just take a small handful and apply to dry skin but in the shower (it can get messy and leave the floor slippery so be carful) Then I just rub it all over using upwards circular motions. Then just skimpily shower off. Try this it’s a must, trust me you’ll thank me.

The Body Shop – Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil.

I have a crazy amount of body lotions in my collection so I’m kinda raging that I’m only starting to us this oil from the Spa of the World range from The Body Shop that was released last year. I pop this on after my shower and it makes me feel so dare I say it…sexy! The scent, and how it makes my skin feel and glow. It’s wonderful. And no better way to get a hot tan then by having hydrated skin. Monoï is a sacred blend of coconut oil and fragrant tiare flowers that has been used by woman of the Pacific Islands for over 2,000 years. Plus you can also apply it to your hair too, but just a tad it’s quite heavy. I would definitely pop a bit of this into a travel size bottle and bring this to any sun destination for ultra hydration after a long blissful day in the sun.

Ziaja Slim anti-cellulite express body serum.

This lotion contains forskolin for its slimming properties, it prevents storage of fat cells. Reduces cellulite and firms skin. Caffeine, theophylline and theobromine to work on anti cellulite with slimming and detox activity. It helps reduce fat deposits and provides and draining effect, reduces swelling and improves microcirculation… circulation is a huge factor for reducing cellulite. It also contains normal words we know such such as rosemary, ivy, bitter orange and algae to help reduce cellulite, strengthen blood vessels, proven swelling and reduces the thickness of body fat.  I have been applying this to my inner thighs and I’ve noticed some improvement in texture though I think if I stuck to the regiment of applying 1-2 times a day I feel this could work wonders, I really need to keep this is in the bathroom so I use it more than once a week. Remember as with all anti cellulite lotions, always apply at the bottom of the leg and work upwards using circular motions.

Tan Organic – self tan oil.

I received this little travel bottle in the goody bag at the beauty blog awards months back. How handy is this size to bring away and  apply for the first day or two before you get a real tan!

This oil tan smells citrus as it goes on but after 6-8 hours of evolving it does get a hint of normal tan. It has zero transfer however this also means it goes on clear so you need to be confident in your application. With that said its not a drastic orange or brown so you can actually get away with missing a bit. It’s non sticky which is great. One thing it says to not apply with a mitt but I disagree as I hate having tan palms so will always use a mitt.

B Bold – Flawless Legs.

No matter how hard I try, when tanning or sunbathing always seem to get extra to end up darker my upper body,my arms and chest. I’m not sure what happens but my legs look paler, so I just stick on some BBold “flawless legs” and get those pins out. This is an easy to use tanning make up that has a water resistant formula too…I dunno about you but I think that’s essential in a tan. This gives an  airbrushed look, perfect for covering any veins, buises or any imperfections on the skin.. literally giving you “Flawless Legs”. Added benefits.. it’s non toxic and doesn’t contain parabens, plus it smells good to.


We feel it’s essential to prepare your skin making it look good for holidays so there’s no need to feel like you need to wear make up. Having a healthy glow will make you feel good too plus who wants to feel like their foundation is melting off in the heat. Ain’t no body got time fo dat!

Kiehls Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

Get your skin radiant for summer! This products is said to be an alternative to a dermatologist chemical peel. I apply it at night time after cleansing and before moisturising. The solution contains quinoa husk which has skin exfoliating benefits. After 4 weeks I have noticed my skin is more radiant and I apply less make up which is ideal in summer.

It’s also said to even skin tones, so far I haven’t seen a reduction on my pigmentation but I’ll do a full review in another 3-4 weeks. Available at Arnotts for €48 here.

Hands & Toes

Burts Bees  Hand & Cuticle Cream

There’s no point in having beautiful smooth tanned legs for then to look down and see your feet looking a little less loved… make sure to give your hands & feet some tlc and give yourself a little at home mani & pedi. I love the Burts Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream,(it smells like lemon sherbets mmm) I rub this into my cuticles the I use my cuticle nippers and remove any of the dead cuticles around the nails. I finish off my treating my hands and feet to a little massage using the Burts Bees Almond & Milk hand cream.

Essie Nail Lacquer & The Body Shop Colour Crush Varnish and Barry M polish.

I don’t know about you but I always think fruity colours look best on your hands and feet when you have a tan. I love Essie  “too too hot”  and Barry M called “peach melba” (both pictured above) and this beautiful orange shade from the Body Shop called “apricot kiss”.

Beat the bloat with Miss Fit Skinny Tea

This 14 day teatox (see what they did there?!) is great for getting ready for holidays as it reduces bloatedness but even better it increases energy! An important thing to note is this tea will not give you laxative effects which is commonly found in other teatox brands, Miss Fit Skinny Tea is 100% natural.

That’s all from us for now! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these products or can recommend some  more.

Thanks for reading! 

Doireann & Amanda xx 


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