Beauty Favourites- Benefit Brows

If we had to choose one make up trend that’s evolved and stood out over the past few years, it’s the strong brow game. For gals like us, that grew up in the early noughties the strong brow is a tough look to achieve. If only our fairy godmother’s had magically appeared in our rooms when we were 14 and said “put down the tweezers”.


Amanda’s Brows:

For me when I think back, I never had big bushy brows but stupidly, because it was the thing to do at the time, I destroyed the natural shape by tweezing them anyway. My daily struggle is filling them in and trying undo the shape that I so foolishly turned them into. You would think after a few years of not grooming them that my brow hairs would grow back!

Doireann’s Brows:

My issue  is that I have very fair brows even though I’m naturally dark, so I  concentrate on adding colour as well as volume to the brow head in particular.


Like a knight in shining Armour Benefit have come to the rescue! We were very lucky to receive five of their brand new brow products. These range from pencils, to mascara to gels and are available to purchase here.


Amanda was matched with number 3 while Doireann was colour matched with number 4. And can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging!!


Amanda’s Brow Regime:

So to start off I brush my brows into place, then using Ka Brow gel, I mark out the shape under my brow and with a lighter hand I also use a small bit above my brow shape to add definition.

I then fill in any gaps using Ka brow gel but I don’t use any more product, I just use what ever is left on the brush. I also use this for the tail end of my brows too as I don’t have many hairs there either.

Next step, I use Goof Proof which is a thicker waxish pencil to fill in the front of my brows. This pencil is a slanted shape so it’s perfect for this area.

Then to finish off and keep everything in place I use Gimme Brow, this is a great brow mascara as it adds colour and volume. I sometimes just use this alone for a less “done” look. A little tip for thinner brows, when taking out the brow mascara wand I wip away some of the exess product before applying because the wand can hold a lot of product.

Here’s one fully done and one without any product at all.

Doireann’s Brow Regime:

I use the Precisely my Brow brush end my brows upwards (yes upwards!) I got this tip off a make up artist. She said you should always brush your brow hairs upwards, outline them and then brush them back down so the hairs cover the sharper outlines.
I use Precisely my Brow pencil to outline the brow head and the Tail. This is a thin pencil so it’s good for getting that straight line. It’s also a non sharpen pencil so it always has a great point, you just twist it for more!



From this pic you can see I clearly need to get my HD’s done but the definition will be there in the end don’t worry!

I then use the thicker goof proof pencil to fill in the brow head and towards the arch. For me this pencil is too thick for the tail so I only use this on the brown head and arch. I would do 3 – 4 strokes over the brow hairs with this thicker pencil. It doesn’t come out too strong but still I would take your time applying this one.


To add more shape to the upper brow arch and tail I use the Ka-Brow gel. This comes with a thin brush inside the pot which is so handy, you will never loose it. This is where you get to add real definition to your brow. I would only dip once for the top arch and once for the tail and that’s enough for me.


To finish off my brows and add in volume, I use the gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel all over. This helps set the brow and also give my brows volume thanks to the tiny microfibres.


Here’s one done and one with only step one done!

Something from the new collection that we really need to try is the Browvo. It’s a nutrient rich conditioning primer that’s meant to make the hairs thicker and fuller, anything to help thicken up those little light hairs in the hopes to improve the shape of our brows. We’ll let you know if we try it out and how it’s goes.

Doireann & Amanda xx



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