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Well hello there, Long time no type.

Without our the risk of sounding any way vain, I do get quite a lot of compliments about my skin. I believe this is down to 3 things. 1, Genetics has a major roll to play here. Shout out to my dad, I definitely have him to thank for my complexion. 2, you can help you skin so much by upping your water intake. It will only take a few days to notice an improvement in you skin tone and texture by drinking more water thought out the day. 3. Skincare. So you may not have perfect skin, but hey who does but getting the right skin care products to suit you and working out a regular routine can work wonders and get you that glow of healthy happy skin.

So with that I thought it was time I decided to share with you my current skin care favourites. I suppose I better start off with telling you a bit out my skin type. I would have normal to slightly dehydrated skin. Time to time I would find my skin more dehydrated down to environmental factors such as cold weather, or being rooms with air conditioning I find can have an effect on my skin.

The products I use I find help me achieve smooth, soft, dewy, plump, bright skin. Getting the right skin care routine down can really have major impact on your make up. How it applies and how it looks and stays once on the skin. 

Day Time Products

So as I’m quite good with my skin care routine, after my night time steps (which I’ll share in a later post) my skin is clear from all make up and general grime from day to day goings on and pollution from the environment. In the morning all I like to do wash my face with cold water to wake myself up,  or if I feel I need it I like to us a light face wash such as this Shiseido “Creamy Cleansing Emulsion”. 

I feel this is such a luxurious product as the scent is so calming and the texture is just so soft, creamy and moisturing, a nice little pamper in the morning. I massage this into the skin then I wipe of with a hot face cloth.

I then like to spritz my face with this Uriage Thermal water facial spray.  

This is just so refreshing. It contains lots of goodness to hydrate, soothe and protect the skin.  I’ll also pop a bit of this on through out the day even over my make up if I feel my skin needs a little boost. Fantastic to have on hand for after being on a airplane.

After that I apply my serum, my favourite serums have to any of the ones from No7.  I love love serum I just really like  how skin feels after them but the reason why I love the No7 collection is because I find they in no way interfere with my foundation or my make up, application or stating power. That’s a big thing for me, nothing worse than spending time applying your skin care and then make up, then to find it wants to melt down my face soon after.

The one I’m currently using is Lift & Luminate  Triple Action Serum. 

Then  I let my serum soak in. I know you might be thinking “hey who has time for all that” but honestly I do my routine steps inbetween doing other things, like getting dressed. Pop on my serum pop on my pants ha. 

Then I apply my moisturiser. Also from the Lift & Luminate range by No7. I really like using this one again for the same reason as my serum plus it’s nice and creamy and light without being heavy. It also soaks in fast too and leaves my skin feeling so soft. 

I scoop out a little, rub between my hands then apply all over my face, giving myself a little mini facial massage. Not only does massaging your face feel like a nice treat it is also beneficial as it helps draingage bringing waste to the lymp nodes, helping rid of puffiness and toxins, it brings blood flow to the face giving you a healthy glow. Something we all want.  It can help tone facial muscles too, ain’t nobody want saggy gowels. 

So that’s it. I’ll be following up this post with my favourite night time skin care products and then perhaps a list of my favourite treatment products such as masks etc.
I’d love to know do you have a step by step routine you folllw each day? Let me know in the poll below.

So until next time, 
Amanda xx



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