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Hello lovelies
I thought I’d share with you my top tips for saving. I myself love reading post like these and knowing first hand the struggle of saving, I thought I’d fill you lot in on what I’m going to ditch spending that dosh that you don’t need to.
Late last year myself and Conor moved home in order to save for our house. Even though we had been saving while renting but it just wasn’t building up as fast as we wanted. Now I know moving back in with your parents isn’t always an option for everyone, though findings show that more and more young couples are doing the same, though it can be testing at times for everyone. “Hey Mam & Dad” (winky face).

My tips aren’t all about scrimping and saving every penny.. You can still enjoy your life… But on a budget.

  1. CLOTHES. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a bit of a shopaholic. It wasn’t until I was packing up to move that I noticed how much I wasted on clothes I was only wearing once. So my tip is to make sure you only buy items you really feel that you need. For instance I picked up a lovely red coulotte jumpsuit from RiverIsland. It was €60 but well worth it. I’ve worn it so many times. Dressed up dressed down, on hot days and layered up on cooler days. Plus because it was good quality it still looks new. That’s another thing, just because it’s cheap don’t just buy it, think about it… Will it last you more than one wash. ”You buy cheap you buy twice” Have you ever thought of doing a capsule wardrobe. There are so many sites with tips and tricks for achieving the ultimate paired down organised wardrobe.One other pointer would be, make use of what you already have. For me I’m loving mixing and matching things I never normally would. Search through the net for inspiration. Break the rules, go quirky & think outside the box, you could end up looking like the ultimate fashionista.

  2. EATING OUT. I’m all for still enjoying myself and you’ll prob see from my snap chat that I love to eat out. One great way of going out for a nice meal and drinks with friends would be to suggest somewhere that offers BYOB (bring your own bottle.) We did this recently were myself, Conor and two of our friends enjoyed a fab meal of tapas and brought our own drinks, I bought with me a bottle of Rosé for  €11 saving me around €15 had I ordered a similar bottle from the drinks menu.

  3. THE CINEMA. Another thing you may notice from my snap chat is that I LOVE going to the cinema.. but boy can it cost a pretty penny. My nearest cinema is Vue at Liffey Valley but what many people may not be aware of is that on Tuesdays all tickets are only €5 once you sign up for the special offer. That’s a saving of €6 per ticket. Another tip for saving money heading to the cinema would be to bring your  own supply of treats. Head to the shops to see if there are any offers on goodies such as the share bags of malteasers (my fave) Usually you can pick them up on special in the super market for just €2 rather than forking out a whopping €5.50 at the concession stand in the cinema. Also a lot of other cinemas have deals on so if you’re a movie lover go check out what your picture house has to offer. I recently seen that the Odeon cinema in Naas had a monthly movie passes from just €19, plus if your mobile network is THREE, on their THREE PLUS  app they have an offer for 2 tickets for €10.

  4. LUNCH TIME. Why not pop to the shops and spend €30 on things for making your own lunch to bring to work saving you €40 if spending almost €10 per day on buying lunch out, plus bringing your lunch that you’ve prepared yourself will keep you on a straight and narrow if you’re trying to eat healthy.

  5. COUNT THE PENNIES. This one might sound a little trivial but it’s such a simple yet easy way of building up some cash.. At the end of the day why not pop all your spare coins into a money-box. Conor does this, mainly because he has a wallet that doesn’t the hold change. Every now and again he empties it out and there’s always about €50 in it. Money we then use toward nights out, etc.

What do you guys think of this tips?  Do you think they help you become a savy saver? I’d really be interested if any of you have any other suggestions or tips. Please share.

Happy saving

Amanda xx

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