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Hey everyone

So after a little break from blogging, I’m back. I’m so grateful to have Doireann who just totally took charge of the ship while I was taking a little break. 

Today’s post is going to be one of many about a topic that’s taking up all my interest and I’m just all about at the moment… My love of interiors and all things home decor. I’ve always have such a strong interest in this even from a young age. I always had a big input when it came to doing up my room as a child. Since then my tastes have changed and evolved a whole lot. 

Hopefully by the end of this year, my self and Conor will be moving into our very own home. Up to now I’ve lived in a few apartments so I’ve kinda got a feel for the type of style and decor I want to go for. 

Like clothes, decor designs change with season and are ever changing. So even though I’m not going anywhere just yet, I’ve starting picking up a few bits that I’m afraid I may not be able to source when it actually comes around to doing up my house.

On Saturday I took a little trip to IKEA. I got very excited when I saw this.

The photo isn’t the best but it’s a black steel cage pendant light shade with a large  copper Edison bulb. This gives me all the feels. 

I picked up two of the pendant shades called BRUNSTA for €18 each 

And two of the globe light bulds NITTIO for €8.

I think for just €26 these look so much more expensive and can bring a cool edge to any room.

Pinterest is one of the best places to go for inspiration and ideas. Take a look at some of the images I found for this look.

I’d love to hear what you think of these kinda posts. Would you like me to continue with them? I can keep them coming every time I pick up some interiors or I see some styles I like.  

Until next time 

Amanda xx


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