5 New Knits from H&M

Hello Everyone,

During the week I had a wardrobe clear out and realised the main thing I was missing coming into Autumn Winter was knits. I have so many pairs of trousers, jeans and culottes but no cozy jumpers to wear with them all.

I think because I’m yet to go on my Summer holiday later this month, I was choosing to ignore the cooler weather and winter shopping. But to be honest if I put it off any longer all the good stuff would be gone. So I went to the trusty H&M and here’s my 5 new knits.

€39.99 Fine Knit

€19.99 Loose Knit

€27.99 Ribbed Jumper 

€39.99 Ribbed Jumper (I actually bought this is orange but can’t find it online!)

Fine Knit Light Blue – €27.99

With my job jumpers are so handy to wear with jeans, culottes, cigarette pants and just runners or boots so they are a real staple for me. I recently dressed up one of the knits with heels and culottes which looked kind of chic (well that’s what I was going for anyway)!

 I hope you like this post and all my new knits! Let me know of any good ones out there.

Doireann xx


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